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For better results, you can see the contents of our special five-grass seed mix on this page.

  • 50% Festuca Arundinacea Regenerate
  • 25% Festuca Arundinacea Meister
  • 10% Festuca Rubra Rubra Corail
  • 10% Lolium Perenne Spark Master
  • 5% Poa Pratensis Shannon
  • It is extremely resistant to heat and thirst.
  • It is resistant to errors, pressure and hot weather.
  • It prevents the formation of weeds due to its aggressive and dense structure.
  • It is suitable for use in home and summer gardens, refuges and all kinds of recreation areas.
  • It is resistant to short form cut and requires little cut.
  • It preserves its greenness under appropriate care conditions all year round.
  • It is shade resistant.
  • It creates a homogeneous and uniform grass cover.
  • It consists of five dark green colored grass seed varieties