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Usage Instructions

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In order to get the best efficiency from our Al-Ser Çim - Natural Seed Carpet products; Apply carefully and in accordance with the instructions here.

Preparing the Soil Before Spreading

  • The soil is cleared and aerated well.
  • The area is cleared of weeds and stones.
  • The soil is smoothed, if necessary, soil reinforcement is made.
  • The soil is compacted and leveled.
  • If possible, a thin layer of 0.3 number creek shaft is laid.
  • Burnt goat manure or turf manure is sprinkled and mixed into the soil with a rake.

Method of Using a Natural Seed Carpet

  • aL-Ser The soil should be watered abundantly a few hours before the grass is laid.
  • aL-Ser In the grass laying stage, the soil is lightly moistened again and the spreading is done.
  • The joints are laid with 1 finger on top of each other.
  • Irrigation is done in the form of sprinkler immediately after laying.
  • The contact of aL-Ser Grass with the ground should be prevented by sprinkling 1-2 millimeter thick soil on it.

al-Ser Lawn Care

  • Until the grass covers the soil surface completely, the aL-Ser turf should be watered frequently (morning, noon, evening) so that the surface of the grass is always moist.
  • When the lawns are 10 cm long; It should be formed in a way not shorter than 5 cm.

After these processes are completed, the grass covers the soil surface by tillering.


  • Apply when the air temperature is between 10 C and 35 C.
  • Do not apply in windy and rainy weather.