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We have listed the questions and answers we frequently encounter on this page. Take a look to see the advantages of our product and get the best efficiency.

What is aL-Ser Grass?

aL-Ser Grass - It is a Natural Seed Carpet. It is a fiber cover obtained from poplar and / or beech trees, containing grass seeds homogeneously and suitable for the climatic conditions of the region to be applied.

Where is aL-Ser Grass used?

You can use it in any soil area you want to germinate. This includes soil slopes up to 80%.

How to use aL-Ser Grass?

As specified in the application instructions, the soil prepared for germination is laid on the area like a cover and watered regularly.

Is aL-Ser Grass expensive?

aL-Ser Grass; It is a very economical and ecological product. Since it can be laid alone, it also reduces labor costs.

aL-Ser Grass easy?

It is easy enough to be laid alone.

What is the benefit of aL-Ser Grass?

It provides savings up to 40% in irrigation. Provides savings in shipping. It prevents seed loss caused by creatures such as birds and ants.