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HR Policy

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We invest in qualified workforce and aim to increase motivation and efficiency with reward management and to continuously improve our organization.

We aim to increase our productivity by supporting the motivation of our employees positively and to contribute their development, with the awareness that one of our main strengths in the realization of company strategies and goals is that the "human first" approach.Our human resources policies;

  • Bringing qualified workforce to our company and society,
  • Investing in the development of employees,
  • Developing and strengthening our organization

we manage and implement their aims. Also;

  • To create a competitive environment that will attract qualified workforce to the company and increase employee loyalty,
  • To encourage employees to take responsibility for their own business results,
  • Recognizing the contribution, success and high performance of employees,
  • To reward employees in line with their responsibilities and the value they add to the organization

We provide rewards and supports to improve their processes in a positive way. In this direction, to increase the motivation and loyalty of the employees;

  • We value participatory, sharing, transparent, diversity and creativity,
  • We take into account the suggestions and expectations of the employees,
  • We constantly develop approaches that strengthen loyalty,
  • We provide a safe, healthy, ethical work environment that takes into account the balance between work and private life.