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Starting its operations in 2007, ALSERÇİM Tarım Tekstil Sanayi ve Tic. Ltd. Şti . has developed the economical, user friendly and innovative grass planting method; the natural seed carpet.

ALSERÇİM Agriculture Industry and Trade Ltd. Şti. Our company started its activities in 2007 in Karşıyaka district of İzmir. Since 2011, it has been providing services in agriculture and landscape areas in Kemalpaşa district of İzmir.

We produce three products: aL-Ser Grass - Natural Seed Carpet, aL-Ser Tobacco seedling and geotextile felt. The first two products with one and only producer of all commercial rights in Turkey.

aL-Ser Grass - Natural Seed Carpet is a fiber cover obtained from poplar and / or beech trees, containing grass seeds homogeneously and suitable for the climatic conditions of the region to be treated.

This product is a new product for germination in Turkey, so it gets ehead of other sowing methods (ready grass hydroseeding, manual sowing, etc.) with many advantages. The seeds are between a fiber layer; It protects the seed from the creatures such as birds and ants that cause seed loss.

Considering that all of the grass seeds used in our country are imported, the use of aL-Ser Grass - Natural Seed Carpet will reduce seed loss to zero, prevent extra seed import, and will make great contributions to the country's economy.

It provides 40% water savings with its water holding capacity. Compared to other cultivation methods, more efficient grass areas are obtained with less use of water. Nowadays, as a result of global warming, water should be used carefully and efficiently. aL-Ser Grass - Natural Seed Carpet provides more efficient use of water, providing more efficient applications with less water in germination areas. Thus, it prevents the waste of our country's water resources.

It also prevents weed growth by covering the soil like a cover. Before applying, it saves users from economic burden by eliminating the need for chemical pesticides used to prevent weed growth. Since there is no chemical intervention in the soil, the soil is more productive and healthy Tekno Çim Tarım Sanayi ve Tic. Ltd. Şti .; developed the quality, economical and innovative aL-Ser Grass - Natural Seed Carpet used in park and garden arrangements. In addition, it eliminates the negative effects of these pesticles on the country's economy by being imported.

It is also effective in preventing erosion. It can also be used in land structures with a slope of up to 80%, making it possible to use it to prevent erosion.

Another product is the patented aL-Ser Tobacco Seedling, all commercial rights of it belongs to our company. It is obtained by sticking tobacco seeds homogeneously between two cellulose layers. This product, which is used in tobacco seedbeds, enables farmers to obtain tobacco seedlings with stronger root structure and enables very successful results in planting from seedbed to field.

In aL-Ser Tobacco Seedbed, homogeneous tobacco seeds between two cellulose layers prevents the seedlings from being too frequent and prevents diseases and fungi that occur in the seedlings.

Tekno Çim Agriculture Industry and Trade Ltd. Şti., our biggest goal is to be a company that produces and sells local grass seeds while eliminating foreign dependency by reducing grass seed imports.

The fiber is also imported and not produce in Turkey . One of our goals as a company is to produce this fiber. Thus, we aim to prevent the damage to the country's economy caused by the import of these products by reducing the foreign dependency of the raw materials of the products we produce.